Recreate Responsibly on the Olympic Peninsula, WA

Recreate Responsibly

Washingtonians Want to Get Outside!

Recreate Responsibly logoWe’re all eager to get back outdoors to visit our favorite trails and parks, but we want to do it right, and right now we need to continue to do it locally. Wherever your outdoor adventures take you, we encourage you to plan ahead and recreate responsibly. We’ve got some clear tips on how best to do that. The need to do this will continue even after the pandemic is behind us. We have a shared responsibility to care for these places we love and to care for one another as we all move forward. See our Open & Closure Status of Recreational Lands blog to check what is open.

Tips for Recreating Responsibly

Things are changing on a weekly or even daily basis. As public lands reopen, it can be confusing to navigate this “new normal”—from seasoned outdoor enthusiasts to families heading out to their local park for the first time. The #RecreateResponsibly Coalition has guidelines to help us all get outdoors safely and respectfully. Scroll to the bottom to view the collaborative video the Coalition has put together, too.

Recreate Responsibly guidelines

Remembering a Plan B When It’s Crowded

As you venture back out to your local parks, trails and beaches, the #RecreateResponsibly guidelines above will help you to be prepared for any situation you may encounter, such as unexpected trailhead closures or lack of restroom availability. Remember, if you arrive at a trailhead and it appears crowded, move on to Plan B and find another location that’s less populated. You’ll enjoy it more! Working together to follow these guidelines, we can all do our part to help avoid further outbreaks, to keep each other safe and keep our public lands open.

Let’s all lead by example. Join us to #RecreateResponsibily.