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Olympic Peninsula Road Trips

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The Most Fun You Can Have with Your Seatbelt On
There’s so much to see, do, eat and drink on the Olympic Peninsula. Whether you have just a day to get a taste, or a weekend or more to explore from near or far, we’ve got some great road-trip suggestions to enhance your adventure.

1-, 2- or 3-day Trips and Week-Long Excursions
You can break it off in small bites—take in a hike or two in some of the region’s most stunning locations, encounter some awesome and affordable day destinations, or plan a vampire-themed tour. If you have more time to spare, follow a multi-day itinerary starting from Portland or Seattle, or a two-nation vacation between Port Angeles and Victoria, B.C. If you want an Olympic Peninsula adventure that really packs a wallop, opt for a five-day tour.

Whatever road (or ferry) you choose, you’re sure to sate your need for nature, adventure, unique experiences and some delicious bites and beverages.