Waterfall Trail | Olympic Peninsula

Waterfall Trail

The Olympic Peninsula is a celebration of water, including a wealth of dazzling waterfalls that awe and inspire. The Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail is a magical, misty tour you’ll never forget.

A Magical, Misty Tour

The region’s rugged terrain, glacier-carved waterways, coastal cliffs and valleys provide the perfect landscape for a cornucopia of waterfalls. Combine that with the Olympic Peninsula’s abundant rain and snow fall, along with a little help from gravity, and you’ve got some pretty spectacular waterworks.

From coast to rain forests to mountains, the Olympic Peninsula offers a year-round waterfall adventure for all ages and abilities. From a paved, wheelchair accessible pathway at Madison Falls to many sublime forest trails, or more adventures to stunning locales reached only via backcountry routes or by boat, there’s a falls for everyone—and in every season.

Spring. See roaring rivers and thundering falls created by snowmelt and showers.

Summer. Feel warmth and dangle your feet in a cool pool at the base of a waterfall.

Fall. Scout waterfalls amidst turning autumn leaves and glorious fall color.

Winter. Discover a fairyland world of icicles and snow.

Finding Falls

Are you ready for some serious oohing and aahing? View and download our trail guide and map to provide all you need to begin your waterfall quest.

Choose Your Waterfall, or Do Them All