Twilight Road Trip in Forks & La Push | The Olympic Peninsula, WA

You’ve read the books and you’ve seen the movies. If you’re a fan of Twilight, there’s no better place to experience the blood-chilling mystery, excitement and romance than Forks, La Push and the Hoh Rain Forest—your destination for all things Bella, Edward and Jacob. Be sure to check out our latest blog on experiencing Forever Twilight in Forks virtually!

Stop 1: Forks

If sun-shy vampires were a thing, then of course they’d pick one of the rainiest spots in the U.S. to call home. There’s nothing fictional about the small timber town of Forks.

Stop by the Forks Visitor Information Center to pick up your free Twilight packet, including trivia tests and a map to all the important sites to see, including the Swan house, the high school where the unconventional romance all began and the hospital where Dr. Cullen practiced. The visitor center also offers Twilight souvenirs.

Be sure to stop by the Rainforest Arts Center to see the Forever Twilight in Forks Collection, the world’s largest collection of actual costumes and props from the movies, along with other one-of-a-kind items.

Check out our digital Twilight Drive the Loop map for more ways to explore our real-life world of Twilight.


Stop 2: La Push

Quileute Tribal Members and Cosplay Alice in La Push on the Olympic Peninsula

Quileute Tribal Members and Cosplay Alice in La Push

Now we’re on Jacob’s turf. The seaside community of La Push is home to the Quileute tribe, known for surfing, whale watching and the main setting for book two of the Twilight series and where Jacob taught Bella how to ride a motorcycle. You may not witness any shapeshifting or packs of werewolves, but it’s worth taking time to explore its wild Pacific beaches and forested trails.


Stop 3: Hoh Rain Forest

A hike through the Hoh Rain Forest is a perfect way to put yourself in Bella and Edward’s shoes…or Jacob’s paws. The popular Hall of Mosses Trail is an idyllic loop and a perfect way to explore some of the Olympic Peninsula’s gorgeous rain forests.

Twilight side trip: You’ll have Twilight-inspired dining options in Forks, but the northern Olympic Peninsula is home to Bella Swan’s favorite dining spot, Bella Italia in Port Angeles. And yes, they do serve Bella’s favorite—mushroom ravioli.