Experience Forever Twilight in Forks Virtually | Olympic Peninsula

Experience Forever Twilight in Forks Virtually

Twilight fans can now experience Forever Twilight in Forks virtually and it will be unlike anything you have seen before from us! Come along as we celebrate the recent release of Midnight Sun and the love story of Bella and Edward in the authentic setting of the story itself. Festival-favorite and Twilight Saga actor Erik Odom (Peter) will join us along with Bella, Edward, Jacob, and Alice of The Olympic Coven, along with ShAro Di Volterra, and The Volterra Coven.

See Forks Through Bella’s Eyes

From Thursday, September 10 through Sunday, September 13 (Bella’s Birthday), events will include Twilight-themed meetups, Facebook Live events hosted by your favorite saga “cosplayers,” behind-the-scenes exclusives including at the Forever Twilight in Forks Collection and so much more. Go on a virtual hike with Bella and Edward and go to the beach with Bella and Jacob.

Forever Twilight in Forks Cosplay Edward Alice

Olympic Coven Cosplayers: Edward Cullen (photo by Samantha Baldwin) and Alice Cullen (photo by Andy Sebastian)

More Twilight Events

Register for the virtual 5K, check out the online auction, participate in the interactive events, all with your fandom family from around the world. To register, click here. We will be announcing the schedule and registration details on our Facebook page and in our Facebook group. Watch for Bella’s birthday takeover of our @ForeverTwilightinForks Instagram page on September 13—you won’t want to miss this! There’s more information to follow so watch our social channels or our website. Event shirts will be available in our online store and at the Forks Visitor Information Center.

Twilight Forks La Push treaty line

La Push Beach Closed – Open Virtually

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, virtual events will be enjoyed on your device, not in person. Still coming to Forks? We will have some fun photo op areas set up at the Visitor Information Center, along with exciting destination suggestions for you and your friends so you can enjoy all those places you don’t usually see while you’re here. And while La Push is still closed, you can enjoy the home of the Quileute People virtually too. Check out our webcams of First Beach and James Island and see below for alternative beach suggestions.

Whether you are in Forks, or your hometown – join us for our Forever Twilight in Forks Virtual Fan Gathering.

We can’t wait to see you!
Lissy Andros
Executive Director, Forks Chamber of Commerce

Beaches to Visit when La Push is Closed

Many Olympic Peninsula beaches are experiencing large crowds this summer, especially with La Push, First, Second and Shi Shi Beaches being closed. Here are a few less-crowded alternative beaches: