Highway 101 loop

Follow the Clues, Sightsee the Peninsula

Looking for a road trip? How about one to find hidden treasure? Need to add some tech to the fun? How about GEOCACHING? If you’re a geocaching fan, the Olympic Peninsula now offers TWO fantastic GeoTours  with creative caches just waiting to found and different coins to be awarded for each geotour.

The Olympic GeoTour #2 the “2018 OPGeoTour Road Trip” GT76 is in full swing.

The Olympic GeoTour #1 the “2016 Highway 101 Scenic Byway Loop GeoTour is still active and some coins are still available! Click the coin icons below to view and download the GeoTour Passport 1 and Passport 2.

GeoTour #1 Coin

GeoTour Coin #2

New to Geocaching?

Here’s the scoop on this modern-day treasure hunt. Geocachers say, “We like to look for Tupperware in the woods using billion-dollar satellites.” But, there is a lot more fun to be had. All you need is a smart phone with the GroundSpeak, Inc. app or a GPS unit. GPS is definitely nice on the Olympic Peninsula in case there is no cell coverage, which is often–or the signal bounces all over because of the trees–but it is not necessary.

Recording a found geocache

Treasures, Big and Small

Simply navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates then hunt for the hidden geocache, or container, which could be as small as a fingernail or as big as a boxcar. There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world, including more than 200 on the Olympic Peninsula.

The Highway 101 Scenic Byway Loop GeoTour has 18 caches. The OPGeoRoadTrip has 21. Download your passports from the links above and you’re ready to go. When you find one of the caches from the GeoTour, write down the code word and stamp your passport from the stamp in the cache. When the passport is complete, send it to OPVB, 619 S. Peabody, Suite F, Port Angeles WA, 98362, and your individually numbered GeoCoin will be sent.

See the Sights While You’re at It

Not only will you have fun hunting for hidden goodies, you’ll also enjoy the many sights (and tastes) of the Olympic Peninsula. From Sasquatch to vampires and theaters to Hood Canal to the most NW point in the contiguous US—the geo tour spots are as fun and varied as they sound.

Theler Wetlands Viewpoint

Your GPS will help guide the way, but don’t be too distracted. Take time to discover local destinations, along with pristine beaches, wild coastline, moss-draped rain forests and alpine meadows at the doorstep of glacier-capped peaks. That’s just for starters. Find out about all there is to explore on the Olympic Peninsula, and learn more about what you’ll see when you drive the loop.

Make the most of your tour and geocaching. There are lots of lodging and dining options along the way Take time while driving the “Loop” to indulge in Olympic Coast cuisine. You’ll find  some exceptionally tasty stops along the famed Olympic Culinary Loop. Happy hunting, and happy dining.

Points of Interest

Start your next, great treasure hunt in the Olympic Peninsula.