Everything to Know About Geocaching | The Olympic Peninsula

Geocaching: The treasure-hunt activity you don’t want to miss

Looking for a fun road trip idea? How about one to find hidden treasure? Feel like adding some tech to the fun? Why not try geocaching? The Olympic Peninsula GeoTour is filled with creative caches just waiting to be found and includes commemorative coins awarded for completing each phase of the tour!

Geocaching for beginners

Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which you use handheld devices to navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates, then hunt for the hidden container, also known as a “geocache.” If you are new to geocaching, check out these tips on how to get started.

geocaching box on the Olympic Peninsula

Know before you go

Covid-19 compliance: In accordance with state and local guidelines in place due to the Covid-19 outbreak, several areas around the Olympic Peninsula remain closed to visitors. Any geocaches in this geotour that can be found in such regions have been temporarily disabled. We hope to reactivate these caches once the surrounding areas have reopened to the public. Not to worry, however- there is no time limit to complete your passport! Visit our Open & Closure Status of Recreational Lands blog for more information on park and land closures.

Take something, leave something: The idea behind hiding treasures in geocaches is to add a new item of your own to the cache if you take an item home with you. This way, the geocaches remain filled with fun items for the next person to find. If you decide to take a trackable item, please make sure to put it in a future cache for someone to find, rather than taking it home with you.

Recreate Responsibly: We want everyone to have fun exploring the Olympic Peninsula on our tour, while still respecting this beautiful area. Please make sure to “pack it in, pack it out” and leave each geocache area as clean (if not cleaner!) than it was when you found it.

geocaching the Olympic Peninsula on your phone

Additional resources

There are hundreds of geocaches waiting to be found across the Olympic Peninsula that are not part of this GeoTour. Download the Groundspeak, Inc. app or visit Geocaching.com to find a full list of caches in the area, as well as helpful tips to keep in mind while you’re out exploring. Also, check us out on Caching in the NorthWest’s December 2018 podcast episode “Caching in the NorthWest 283: Olympic Geotour with OP Tourism“!

We hope you have a great time exploring our area while geocaching. Be safe, have fun, and (as we say in the geocaching community) Happy Caching!

Points of Interest

Start your next, great treasure hunt in the Olympic Peninsula.