Dog-Friendly Spots in Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula, WA

Dog-Friendly Travel with Cinnamon the Coonhound (Part II)

This story was written by guest-blogger Cinnamon the Coonhound and her human, Elizabeth Rose. Follow Cinnamon’s adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

Hi! Cinnamon the Coonhound again! If you read my last blog, you know my favorite thing to do is travel to dog-friendly places where I can relax, enjoy some light adventure, and get some attention and treats – and sniff new places. I have the best traveling companion, Elizabeth Rose. We’ve found some great places where dogs are welcome on the Olympic Peninsula and where I’ve had some dog-gone good times. If you need some inspiration for a trip to the Olympic Peninsula, you can get a FREE travel planner. Call 360-452-8552, or you can download one HERE.

Dog-Friendly Sequim

In the last blog I let you in on my great beach adventure at Kalaloch. Another great place we like on the Olympic Peninsula is Sequim, famous for eagles, elk, lavender and great places for me to walk. To get there we took the scenic route along the Hood Canal. There were plenty of places for me to get out and explore along the way. The scenery and wildlife had my tail wagging the entire time. I have the best traveling companion.

We stayed at the very dog-friendly cabins at the rustic John Wayne Waterfront Resort. (Yes, that John Wayne!) I hung out on the deck and garden on a 15- foot lead, and explored the grassy yard and popped in to see my friend who had the cabin next door. When I wanted to relax, I headed out to the deck overlooking the bay and even saw a fish jump! I slept in the living room of the huge, cabin on my very own travel bed and got treats when my favorite human made breakfast in the full kitchen.

Off-leash exercise at Sequim Dog Park

Sequim loves their dogs and even have a nice off-leash dog park in town. But I was up for a bit more adventure and headed over to walk along the rocky beaches. When I was at the Cline Spit County Park, I heard the whistle of an eagle and sure enough, when I looked up, there were two of them in the tree.

My favorite thing to do at the resort though was to walk along the pathway that took us along the bay and up to a knoll where we could sit and look out over Sequim Bay.

When You Go to the Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula has dog-friendly things to do all year round. To start your planning, have your pet-parent print out this pet-friendly destinations map.

Then pack your leash, bowl, travel bed, pick-up bags, and treats and have a great time!

Dogs and people on a trail

Dogs and humans enjoying the Olympic Discovery Trail at Railroad Bridge Park in Sequim