The 12 Most Beautiful National Parks in the USA | Olympic Peninsula

The 12 Most Beautiful National Parks in the USA

Culture Trip named Olympic National Park (ONP) one of the “12 Most Beautiful National Parks in the USA”. And, we couldn’t agree more. With almost one million (yes, 1,000,000!) acres of mountains, beaches, old-growth trees and stunning rain forest, talk about “location, location, location” for every type of beauty. From the mountain mammals of bear and deer, to the aquatic mammals of seals and whales, wildlife is always part of the scenic wonder. Bald eagles, salmon, and a few non-poisonous reptiles are just a mention of other wild life.

Sockeye Salmon, Bald Eagles, Black Bear, Olympic National Park

The dripping rainy moss descending from the tree branches in the rain forest to the critters living in the tide pools along the beach create different experiences and spark different senses throughout ONP. Regardless the weather or season, ONP wears its beauty proudly.

Hall of Mosses Trail, Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park

High mountain peaks with glaciers slope down to the alpine meadows full of wild flowers in the early summer. A photo can’t capture the exquisite blossoms that carpet the hillsides. Stark blue sky, puffy white clouds and deep forest green trees, gnarled by the harsh winters create unforgettable images, both on film and in memories.

Lupine at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Quiet in the forest, with only some birds or squirrels chattering, replaces shopping lists in the brain to listen to the stillness. Smells of fresh cedar can often waft gently across a trail in the forest or can have a bit of salt in the air on a trial to the beach. You might smell the air before you hear the crashing of the waves.

Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park

Yes, Olympic National Park is one of the 12 Most Beautiful National Parks in the USA. We will definitely say “YES”, but it is so much more than just beautiful. Let ONP spark your senses.