"Share" Buttons

“Share” Buttons

Our “Wildlife Ambassadors” Share Positive Messages with Buttons!

Have you seen a wildlife button on someone helping you that made you smile? You may have noticed in your travels and visits to various businesses across the Olympic Peninsula that some of the frontline staff in restaurants, lodging, shops, visitor centers, convenience stores, gas stations and more, are sporting some very cute buttons conveying an invitation to “Share.”

As our busy summer season progresses, we want to acknowledge and support our hardworking hospitality workers and all those who diligently serve locals and visitors alike, and to encourage everyone to share respect, patience, kindness, and joy.

From Top left: Sue and Paul Boucher, Owners of That Takes the Cake, Sequim; Buttons displayed at Home Instead, Sequim; From bottom left: EJ Garcia, Manager of the Sequim Farmers & Artisans Market; Adam, Bartender at Lake Crescent Lodge, Port Angeles; Giana, Pam, and Claire, Front Desk Agents at Lake Crescent Lodge

We thought we’d let our local wildlife do the talking for us to help everyone enjoy their summer to the max here on the peninsula. It’s good to keep these thoughts in mind when there are long lines, traffic delays and not enough staff to help as quickly as you might like.


Why these specific wildlife animals? A lot of thought went into the selection of these four—Roosevelt Elk, Great Blue Heron, Olympic Marmot and Orca. Here’s what they represent to us, and hopefully, now, to you as well.

Roosevelt Elk (“Share Respect”)

Olympic National Park is home to the largest unmanaged herd in the Pacific Northwest, roaming freely across the nearly one million acres of the park. They were named after President Theodore Roosevelt and if you see them in the wild, you’re immediately in awe of their majestic presence and size. They instantly command respect. Learn more about the Roosevelt Elk.

Great Blue Heron (“Share Patience”)

This is the largest heron species in North America, and they’re known as expert fishers. They snare their aquatic prey by walking slowly or standing still for long periods of time, just waiting for the fish to come within their range. Their patience is phenomenal, and to be admired! Learn more about the Great Blue Heron.

Olympic Marmot (“Share Kindness”)

Known as Washington’s state animal, this small mammal (about the size of a cat) is endemic to the Olympic Peninsula and found nowhere else in the world. This is one of the most social and gregarious mammals on the Olympic Peninsula and if you see them in their natural habitat, maybe in the Hurricane Ridge area, you might find them nuzzling, playing, chirping and feeding together—the epitome of kindness. Learn more about the Olympic Marmot.

Orca (“Share Joy”)

Also known as killer whales, orcas display personality traits similar to those of humans and chimpanzees, such as playfulness, cheerfulness and affection. In other words, they know how to have a good time! And if you’re lucky enough to catch sight of them from the shore or on a whale watching trip, you’ll find yourself grinning when they leap out of the water (breach) or stick their heads up and look around (spyhop)—maybe even right at you! Learn more about the Orca Whale.

So, as you’re enjoying your time on the Olympic Peninsula this summer, please keep these good traits in mind. Join us as we strive to be a bit more like our local wildlife ambassadors, and look for opportunities to share respect, patience, kindness, and joy with one another. Together, we can help make this summer on the Olympic Peninsula memorable, rejuvenating, and a whole lot of fun! Let’s give everyone a reason to smile.

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